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Who We Are 

The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit (CPAU) at the Wyoming Attorney General's Office aims to protect consumers through enforcement of Wyoming's Consumer Protection Act. The CPAU also promotes consumer protection through a variety of consumer education and outreach initiatives, including its consumer education page and its social media presence. 

What is the Consumer Protection Act? 

The Wyoming Consumer Protection Act (Act) prohibits businesses from taking advantage of consumers through various types of misrepresentations, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices. The Act also authorizes the Attorney General to investigate and file a lawsuit in the name of the State when she has reasonable cause to believe that a business has violated the Act and that proceedings would be in the public interest.  

Investigations and Consumer Complaints 

The Wyoming CPAU investigates complaints alleging a pattern or practice of unfair or deceptive acts or practices. Information from consumers allows us to identify and devote our resources to the most serious cases involving widespread injury to Wyoming’s consumers and its business environment. Details regarding investigations, enforcement actions, and other matters resolved by the Attorney General's Office can be found on our recent cases page

Although the Attorney General is not authorized to act as an attorney for individual consumers, our office accepts written complaints from consumers. If a complaint involves misrepresentations or deceptive or unfair trade practices arising out of a purchase made for personal, family or household purposes, the Attorney General may forward your complaint to the business complained against and request a written response from the business. All communication with consumers and businesses is handled in writing. Please remember that the Attorney General represents the State of Wyoming and cannot act as your private attorney or provide legal advice. Learn more about our consumer complaint process here.      

What other resources are available? 

There are other options available to assist you with resolving your complaint. The Wyoming Attorney General's Office is not the only agency that can assist consumers. Learn more about other helpful agencies here. You might also consider hiring a private attorney to assist you.   

Contact Information: 

Wyoming Attorney General’s Office

Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit

109 State Capitol

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: 307-777-6397 or 307-777-8962

Fax: (307) 777-3435


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