Master Settlement Agreement

The Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) released the tobacco product manufacturers who joined the MSA from claims related to (A) the use, sale, distribution, manufacture, development, advertising, marketing or health effects of, (B) the exposure to, or (C) research, statements, or warnings regarding, tobacco products. In return the tobacco product manufacturers make annual settlement payments to the State and agreed to public health restrictions including:

  • A ban on the use of cartoons in advertising, promotion or labeling of tobacco products;

  • The creation of a nationwide foundation for anti-smoking advertising and research;

  • A ban on any targeting of youth in advertising, promotion or marketing of tobacco;

  • A ban on most outdoor advertising;

  • A ban on the distribution or sale of apparel with brand-name logos;

  • A guarantee of access to tobacco company documents and court files;

  • Limitations on the placement of other advertisements and sponsorships;

  • Limitations on the distributions of free product samples;

  • Limits tobacco manufacturer lobbying efforts; and

  • A limitation on the minimum pack size to twenty (20) cigarettes.