Tobacco Product Wholesalers

Wyoming Licensed Wholesalers

Wholesalers are those entities licensed by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, which stamp packs of cigarettes and collect taxes on roll-your-own tobacco containers. Each month, in addition to the reports they provide to the Department of Revenue, each licensed wholesaler remits the Wyoming Cigarette and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Wholesaler Report to the Office of the Attorney General. These reports are used to calculate the “units sold” by each Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM). The "units sold" are used to calculate the amount of money each NPM must place into its respective escrow account.

In addition to helping the Tobacco Settlement Unit and the Wyoming Department of Revenue with data collection, the licensed wholesalers also serve as valuable sources of information. The wholesaler community provides information about various tobacco product manufacturers, the manufacturing process and the wholesale business process.

The current version of the Wholesaler Report. This form was updated November of 2017.