Tobacco Settlement Unit
In 1998, the State of Wyoming entered into the Master Settlement Agreement with most of the major tobacco manufacturers. As a result of that settlement, the State enacted legislation establishing annual certification requirements for tobacco manufacturers and an official tobacco directory. The Attorney General's Office administers the certification and directory requirements.

Any tobacco product manufacturer who intends to sell cigarettes or roll your own tobacco in the State of Wyoming must complete the annual certification form by April 30th and have their brands listed in the tobacco directory. The Attorney General's Office accepts and reviews certifications for new tobacco product manufacturers between March 1st and April 30th each year. Only manufacturers whose certifications are officially accepted by the Office will have their tobacco product brands placed in the tobacco directory. The directory is published on June 1st of each year. Manufacturers whose certifications are rejected will not have their brands listed in the directory and will not be allowed to sell tobacco products within the State until a new certification is submitted and approved by the Office in a subsequent year.

All retailers are responsible for knowing which cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco (“RYO”) brands are legal to sell in the State. Do not rely on wholesalers, manufacturer representatives, or anyone other than the Attorney General for this information. Click here for more information.

Cigarettes and roll your own tobacco products must be listed in the Directory to be legal for sale or purchase in the State of Wyoming. This includes both retail counter sales as well as internet sales. The Directory is published annually on June 1st and updated monthly as necessary.

Directory Updates - If you wish to receive email notification regarding changes to the Directory, please email us at

Wyoming has one certification form. It has two sections so as to include both participating and nonparticipating tobacco product manufacturers in the same form. The form may be downloaded from this site, filled out, and printed off. The certification form must be complete, and include all required attachments. (Updated for 2017 Certification showing year 2016 sales).

Model Escrow Agreement

The escrow agreements currently in use by nonparticipating tobacco product manufacturers and their escrow agents must be replaced with the Revised Model Escrow Agreement. The Model Escrow Agreement was revised, in part, to clarify the valuation standards for invested escrow principal and the limitations on investment vehicles for escrow principal to maintain the qualified escrow fund in full compliance with state law. Other revisions include changes regarding information required for account statements. The Revised Model Escrow Agreement will be required to replace the current Escrow Agreement as part of the annual Certification starting in 2016.  Inclusion or retention on the Wyoming Tobacco Directory requires that nonparticipating tobacco product manufacturers use a “qualified escrow agreement approved by the attorney general.”  Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 9-4-1205(g)(ii)(A). (Updated June 2016)

Wyoming licensed tobacco product wholesalers must remit periodic wholesaler reports to the Tobacco Settlement Unit. More information about the wholesaler report may be found here. This form was updated June of 2017.

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